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Prashant Bhushan on JanLokpal

Published Date: December 8, 2015

The latest expose by Prashant Bhushan today has finally nailed the lies and deceits on Lokpal bill of Delhi. Yesterday he had shown that the Delhi’s Lolpal Bill 2015 had gone back on all the main promises of the JanLokpal movement:

1. Appointment of Lokpal to be done thru in an open manner by involving the public in search process.

2. Final selection of Lokpal to be done by a committee where independent, non-political and non-govt appointees have majority

3. A special investigative agency to be created by or controlled by Lokpal.

4. Jurisdiction of Lokpal to be extended to all the functionaries of the relevant govt.

Prashant ji showed conclusively that 2015 bill does not meet the basic demands made in JanLokpal movement from point 1 to 3. On point 4 this bill contains a strange clause that includes all corruption within the territory of NCT. This would exclude corruption by Delhi officials done outside territorial limits and include all corruption by central govt officials. Prashant ji rightly concluded that this was a ploy to invite rejection of the bill by central govt and use this for ongoing confrontation.

He also showed that the 2015 bill was worse than the Act drafted by JanLokpal activists that was passed by Uttarakhand assembly.

Yesterday, the spokespersons of AAP had nothing to say on this. The evidence was simply too powerful to be refuted. Instead they offered the argument (besides a number of insults, abuses and innuendos) that the 2015 bill is exactly the same as the one proposed by the short lived AAP govt in 2014. They asked Prashant ji why he did not object to it at that time.

Today Prashant ji has refuted this final lie as well. He has placed a copy of the 2014 bill proving that it was not the same as the new one. In all key provisions the AAP govt has diluted what it had proposed last year.

So, all lies are nailed. The emperor stands naked. Now watch the fun. Look for courtiers who continue to applaud, bhakts who would start chanting, jesters who would be brought in to mock at the objectors, loose-mouths that would be unleashed at the critics. Also look for minions who would secure a promotion by proving their loyalty. Also look out for spin doctors who would come up with distractions and design drama.

This theatre has already begun, if you look at the responses coming from darbar.