Tuesday , March 21 2023

Democracy ends. Mobocracy rules

Published Date: June 25, 2017

A police officer was stripped & stoned to death by a lynch mob in Kashmir! Yes. By a Mob, character of which is primarily anti-dialogue. So even if you try your best, you cannot ‘inform’ a mob. Howsoever rational or objective you are, you cannot ‘change the opinion’ of a mob. A mob never listens. It has its preconceived notions & prejudices. It only shouts, it howls and hates. And Kills!

Real problem arises when the mob gets a social or tacit political sanction for its misdeeds. Because, if the mob starts believing itself to be the Protector, the Guardian, the Owner and the Law of the land, Democracy ends. Mobocracy rules.

On the same day of Kashmir lynching, four Muslim kids from Faridabad, while returning from shopping after buying new dresses for Eid, were lynched by goons in a moving local train. After calling them katwa, deshdrohi, the goons threw away their skull caps, took out a knife and stabbed a 16-year old boy to death. The train was moving, humans didn’t. Not one person came to the kids’ rescue!

More worrying is the fact that the government, the ruling party & it’s supreme leader won’t do anything! We will only move from one such news to another, from one geographical location to other, from one mob lynching to another.

After a week or so, Mr. Modi will surely make a magnanimous generalised statement like “violence is bad”, “democracy is a value system for us”, “we are a country of Gandhi, Kabir & Ambedkar” etc etc. But the pretext – like, cow, beef, love jihad, slogans, etc – on which such mob frenzy is manufactured & hatred is fanned will continue to dominate the political narrative. So the society will continue to be further divided, for which fake news, photoshop & false propaganda through social media will act as an instrument.

Where are we headed friends? How can you just be mute spectator to such inhuman acts and such sick mob tendencies? How are you not worried to see our democracy turning into a mobocracy? Or is it that you really don’t see anything wrong? If that’s the case, you suffer from what I call “Modiyabind!”

You are sick, you need to get treated!