Tuesday , March 21 2023

The Death of A Star!

Published Date: December 29, 2014

I opened my eyes,

to a world of gleam,


Vivid lights all around me.

Before I gained consciousness,

I was one of them,


Though, I never wanted to be.


They laughed and heckled,

Said I was out of place.


The harder I tried, farther I got away.


Losing my ardor,

for life and love,


I kept breathing each passing day.


In so many stars,

that shone so bright.


My beam was fading away…


My heart called out,

said, “stand alone!”


So what, if this world is not your own?


The more you strive,

Intense you will be.


Turn your light, into a blinding gleam.


Shine so bright,

They dare not gaze you straight,


Do not let your light faint away.


The voice kept ringing,

in my ears.

“Do not let them call your life, the death of a star”