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And one day he woke up…

Published Date: January 14, 2014

And one day he woke up, startled to find him in the midst of deep treacherous never Ending Ocean. He looked all around, no sign of life to be seen. High in the sky, dark stormy clouds were giving a terrifying look. He felt as if he was in abandon. With fear he closed his eyes, thinking hard about why was he there? How he reached there? Disappointment was the culmination. Everything was unclear, getting no answer; he started to analyze his deeds, good and bad. May be he was an accomplice, never tried to stop the wrong acts. That’s why he was there for he despised his enemies every time. May be at some point of time, angered when he was, his behavior was not pleasant. That’s why he is suffering now. He was cold and mean, not sharing other’s sorrow. And now, no one was there for him. But most are like him, then why was he suffering alone. May be God was testing his strength, his patience.

With these thoughts, the silence burst into a loud cry but no one was there to hear. And he was left with two choices- wait for death or fight till death. With Thy name he chose the latter. He was the sailor of his boat. By that time, those clouds took a more haunted form as if it was foretelling the coming sufferings. Through the tides, he sailed his boat. He saw no sign of land, sailed for hours, making him downhearted and weak.

All he wanted was to fall into a long last sleep. He said- O God! Thy frail child cannot continue this journey anymore. Please end these sufferings. Suddenly the strong waves wrecked the boat and he was deep in the ocean, struggling hard to get out and starting to turn blue, realizing death was not what he wanted. The only thing he desired then, was air and land. He lifted his head out of the water and gasped and took a deep breath of air and started swimming with all his effort. What he saw in front of his eyes was – land. He thanked Thee for saving his life. It was a dream. A dream which is very similar to real life situations. Sometimes failing in-spite of all industrious effort, doubt is born, weakness is seen all around. Pessimism takes its strongest form. The truth is work without enthusiasm becomes the reason for failure, like in the dream he wished to die than to strive for life. The secret to success is – “If you want success as much as he wanted air under water in the dream, then you will have it.”