Saturday , December 3 2022


The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose

Book Review The Monk who sold his Ferrari: A fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny The book is authored by Robin Sharma, one of the International best seller authors. This highly inspiring fable has the potential to kindle one’s inner flame and revive the soul. The book, …

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एम एस धोनीः सफलतम कप्तान या मृगतृष्णा

हम फिर हार गए । अब ये बात कोई नयी बात नहीं लगती । पर मेरे जैसे क्रिकेटप्रेमी को ये पचता भी नहीं । कई सवाल घेरते हैं । क्या ये हार धोनी काल के अंत की शुरुआत होने का प्रतीक है ? क्या धोनी के तारों ने अब उनका साथ …

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The Burden..

“Hey? Are you alright? Can I help you? Do you need something? Please answer…..what happened?” and she does not respond. She is trembling like a scared bird who just outran a hawk. I keep standing clueless. Its 2.47 in the afternoon and there are people around, walking carefree of this …

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