Tuesday , March 21 2023

Maithili Anaya

तू गौर कर ..

दिशा तेरी तू कर ले तय रास्ता मिल ही जायेगा अभी नहीं मंज़िल दिखी तो गौर कर रुके बिना कदम बढ़ा अँधेरा है तो क्या हुआ तू गौर कर   ख़त्म न तलाश कर जो कुछ कहे मन तेरा तो गौर कर धुंधला धुंधला कुछ नज़र में आएगा जिस दिशा …

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The Death of A Star!

I opened my eyes, to a world of gleam,   Vivid lights all around me. Before I gained consciousness, I was one of them,   Though, I never wanted to be.   They laughed and heckled, Said I was out of place.   The harder I tried, farther I got …

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Intoxicated! drenched to the depth of the soul.   There is no more place for any doubt. there is no more doubt.   No reason for anything else needed no more questions to seek answers for.   Intoxicated! deluged to the depth of the soul   lips so soft, touches …

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