Tuesday , March 21 2023

About Us

Express Today for a better Tomorrow..!!


Contribute to the making of a better tomorrow by providing a much-needed platform to vibrant thinkers even if they find themselves short of words to express!!
The constraints of language & grammar should not be a hindrance in sharing of a novel idea. Express Today endorses people who can Think & have ideas for a better tomorrow!


One of India’s major problems is that the unsocial-corrupt lobby is united as they serve each other’s malafide intentions, whereas the socialists never unite against them, rather keep on fighting their own lone battles. It’s a war and unfortunately, we seem to be losing it!Through its endeavour to build a team of pro-society thinkers, Express Today aims to act as a weapon. It is no less than a silver lining in these turbulent times. Our intention to bring about a substantial change by uniting pro-society thinkers would help us fight for causes that concern us. Yes, a bright future, a promising tomorrow & a better society can be accomplished only if we unite, stand & speak up before it’s too late. Express Today motivates us to do so!So let’s join hands!
Use your mettle to take the mantle into your hands. Criticise, Analyse, Suggest, Express… but don’t just stand aloof!

Be an instrument of change! The prime mission of this initiative is to provide a platform to people who have ideas but are unable to put them into words – Who are literarily impaired but intellectually vibrant! Express Today presents & propagates their ideas for change with a motive that society’s thought process not just be governed by so-called Writers who can’t Think. We would rather endorse innovative people with ideas over the ones who simply write flowery impressive language. ExpressToday.in is an online platform to speak up, to vent your ire and be counted by sharing views on myriad topics ranging from Culture, Politics, Society, Cinema, Sports, Literature or any such thing under the sun that concerns a reader.Share your ideas, thoughts, criticism or suggestions & aim for a bright future.. Express Today for a better tomorrow.!!